The Benefits of Water Damage Restoration

Professional water damage cleanup of flooded property
Water damage cleanup is best handled by professionals

Damage to your home as a result of flooding or broken appliances is something that is relatively difficult to predict, though it is easy to fix with the help of professionals. It is imperative that you consider water damage restoration if your home is affected by water as a result of weather or other issues. Hiring a professional company for your water damage restoration job is essential for making sure that all of the water in your home is removed as quickly as possible.

Water Damage Restoration Protects Your Home

The most important thing to take into consideration is the fact that these services are designed to minimize the amount of damage that your home experiences as a result of flood water. When water is just sitting in your house for even short periods of time it can damage your floors, your walls, your ceilings, and your furniture. Water damage restoration revitalizes your home to the state that it was in before the water. It also helps to prevent the build up of mold of mildew which can be incredibly hazardous for people with and/or without respiratory illnesses.

Elimination of Mold and Mildew

The main process of water restoration is to make sure that all of the water is removed from your home first, helping to prevent the development of mold and mildew. Whether the company that you hire has industrial-grade disinfectants or if they use organic compounds to protect your home from mold, you can rest assured that you won’t have a deteriorating house as a result of fungi.

Quick and Efficient Professional Services

As with any other project in your home, hiring the professionals is important to make sure that the job is done quickly and efficiently. Trying to clean all of the water out of your home by yourself would be relatively impossible, especially if you don’t have the right tools to detect water in hard to reach areas. Professional teams have the right equipment and experience necessary to clean any water and to prevent secondary water damage from permanently destroying your home. Plus, they have the right amount of team members to make sure that the job is done as quickly as possible so you can get back to using your house like you’re supposed to.

Water damage restoration is not only important for protecting your home but for protecting your family as well. Hire local professionals to help make sure that your house is returned to new as soon as possible.

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What is Water Damage Restoration?

Water damage restoration inside a business
A business undergoing water damage restoration

There are hundreds of areas around the world that know flooding all too well and the damage that comes along with it. This leaves many home owners wondering why they should hire a professional water damage restoration company instead of trying to handle the task on their own. There are several reasons as to why you should leave it up to the professionals, especially if you’ve never had to deal with water damage before in the past.

Saving Your Time

Time is money and there’s only a certain amount of time that we’re given, which is why it is important that you spend your time doing things that are important instead of trying to complete projects with limited experience. Hiring professional contractors to restore your home after a significant amount of water damage helps to make sure that you can spend more time with your family or at work while the professionals do the hard job on their own. This is important to take into consideration especially if you’ve never had flooding or water damage before.

Fast Water Removal

A professional team of water removal contractors will have the equipment necessary to get the job done quickly and most of this equipment you can’t just rent from your local cleaning store. In fact, you will even need a certain amount of experience to know how to use the equipment properly. The professionals that you hire not only have access to the right tools and equipment but they also know how to use it to ensure that the cleaning process is expedited. This is imperative because the longer water remains in your home, the more damage it can cause in a limited amount of time. The less time it takes to get rid of water, the easier it will be to restore your home to its new condition.

Consider Your Health

Even if you don’t have anyone in your family that has respiratory illnesses it is important to get water damage restoration for your overall health and safety. Water is infamous as a breeding ground for fungi and without the right eradication techniques, fungi can release harmful elements into the air that can force you to develop diseases and general sicknesses. This also pertains to the type of water that enters your home. For example, flood waters could be from sewage which brings a variety of foreign hazards into your home.



Mold Remediation Tips

home mold remediation underway

Mold spores are everywhere and can take root on almost any damp surface. It is often found in buildings and homes, thriving in moisture resulting from roof leaks, damaged plumbing, and cold damp basement walls.

Usually homes are dry enough that the mold in question can’t grow to an extent damaging healthy residents. If left unchecked though, mold can overgrow and area and cause conditions hazards to the people and pets living in it.

Possible Health Issues Caused by Mold

There are many different types of mold, both toxic and non-toxic. If your home is host to toxic molds, the mycotoxins produced are a real health hazard to you and your family. Toxic mold exposure can result in serious illnesses ranging from respiratory sickness, neurological issues, and in some cases death. Symptoms of mycotoxin exposure may be as simple as headaches, coughing, sneezing, water eyes, sinus irritation, and skin irritation. If anyone in your home develops these symptoms with no other explanation you should have an expert search your home for toxic mold growth.

Searching for Mold Growth

Many types of mold are detectable by their odor. Unrepaired water damage is usually the first suspect. Sometimes though, mold can’t be detected by sight or odor.

If you suspect toxic mold growth in your home for any reason you should immediately contact a professional mold remediation service. These trained professional will be able to determine whether your property has been invaded by harmful molds.

If any mold is found a mold remediation specialist will sample and identify the species. Once the species has been identified the proper mold remediation measures will be taken.

Mold Remediation Procedures

The first step in mold remediation is to find and eliminate the mold’s source of moisture. No progress can be made until all water damage has been fixed. Once the moisture source is removed and the building materials have been dried mold remediation can begin. Powerful detergents will be used to scrub surfaces free of mold growth. In rare cases if the infestation is too widespread the building may be condemned.

Restoring your Home

When mold remediation is complete and all mold has been safely eliminated you may begin repairing ad redecorating your home. Remember to keep a watchful eye in the future for signs of water damage such as musty odors, discolored walls, stained carpets, and water spots on your interior ceilings. Doing so will help you avoid having to go through mold remediation again.

Tips for Flood Cleanup

Inside a flooded home
A man and his dog inside their flooded home

A flood is a disaster none of us wants to experience, but many of us will. Cleaning up and restoring your property after a flood can be a monumental task. Don’t feel like you have to do it alone however. We’ve got some great tips to help you reclaim and restore your home or business from the water.

One of the first things you need to do is contact your insurance company to find out what is and isn’t covered. Flood insurance is often a separate type of insurance not included with standard renter or home owner’s insurance. The best case scenario is for you to be fully insured, and to have trained professionals perform the flood cleanup.

Here are the steps involved in cleaning up after a flood.

Flood Water Removal

Before you can do anything else, the property needs to be fully drained of any collected water. If the property has been flooded for a period of time this water may have become stagnant, smelly, and infectious. Sewage is often present in flood scenarios. There will probably be mud under that water too. Remove it as well. A power washer can be used to remove mud from exterior walls or furniture.

Remove Flood Water Damaged Materials and Furniture

Next you’ll need to remove all wet and water damaged fabrics, furniture, carpeting, and mattresses. They will all need to be disposed of. Also remove all waterlogged sheet rock, insulation, etc. Leaving wet materials in your home will prolong the drying out process and greatly increase your home’s risk of becoming infested with dangerous molds.

Decontaminate and Disinfect Your Property

After all wet furniture, carpeting, and building materials have been removed and all mud has been shoveled out it’s time to begin disinfecting the property. You’ll need to disinfect everything, not only the areas that were flooded. All present mold spores and infectious micro-organisms need to be destroyed. Skipping this process will leave your home succeptible to mold and bacteria during the drying out process. You can use a disinfectant and water to scrub all surfaces.

Don’t forget to disinfect all washable undamaged furniture, and your home’s sundry items as well. Eating utensils, dishes, children’s toys, etc. must all be cleaned and disinfected. You can use a mixture of 1/2 cup of bleach per gallon of water for non-food surfaces, and 2 tsp. of bleach per gallon for food surfaces.

Allow Your Property to Dry

Now you have to leave all doors and windows open and allow your property to dry thoroughly. Professional water damage cleanup firms use powerful blowers and dehumidifiers to circulate air and draw away moisture. This process can take several days. If you’ve done everything yourself so far, it’s a good idea to hire a flood restoration expert to give your property a final inspection before you begin rebuilding and re-inhabiting your home or operating your business. Your health and well being is too important to cut corners.